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The system for submitting articles, designed to get articles from users, allows you to check the status of an article at any time, modify the article by users, and effectively communicate effectively between the executive director and the author, for each article. This system includes all the steps for registering the writer's profile, registering the article's specification, reviewing the article's file, announcing the status of the article, and commenting on each article. The steps are as follows:  Register at the Database
You must register as a user in the database to post the article. So complete the base membership form. This form will be available to you at the following address:  Sending The Article
To submit your article, please contact us through the submission form in the webpage below: After entering the submission form, the following steps are available to get the article's profile and file.
A) Explain the steps involved in submitting the article

B) Determine the main characteristics of the article
C) Insert abstract and submit the article file
D) Review the article from a personal page 
Track article status
Go to your personal page for the latest article status. On this page, the list of articles sent by you as well as the status and description of the executive director are displayed on each article.
If the site administrator has provided the author with the opportunity to modify the article, then upon entering the page, you will see the edit button next to the article. By clicking on this button, the form for editing the article will be available to you.

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